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5 Lessons We Learn from TV Shows

Do you even realize that some of our favorite TV shows indirectly teach us about handling our finances properly? Well, surprisingly, these forms of entertainment sometimes convey messages worth pondering on.

Avail a good insurance plan (Breaking Bad)

Nowadays, cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide next to heart disease, which is a pretty scary scenario. What the show teaches us through Walter White is for us to have a comprehensive health insurance plan that will cover up medical expenses should we be unfortunately diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses like cancer. Obviously, you understand how much money is required for various laboratory tests and medical treatments, and I’m sure you don’t want to apply for loans, borrow money from friends and family, or get an extra job just to survive the disease. Believe me, you won’t die of cancer but rather of financial stress.

Always save money (Friends)

Remember when Joey got a part in the show “Days of Our Lives?” However, instead of saving up, he enjoyed a lavish lifestyle only to end up one day losing his part on the show. The result? He has to move back to his old place from his posh apartment. Great thing some of his good friends helped him. In reality though, you have to realize that life is not a sitcom and your friends got their personal issues too, which means that they can only do so much for you. So, while the tides favor you, save as much as you can.

Pay your entire debts (Game of Thrones)

The Lannisters teach us one important lesson about finances – always pay all your debts! They are the ideal borrowers who make sure that they pay what they owe. Aim to be debt-free and don’t simply run away from your debts because they will haunt you no matter where you are. I’m sure, you wouldn’t want debt collectors chase you every single day, right? Besides, it is but proper to return what you borrowed including money.

Do not keep extra cash within the confines of your home (The Big Bang Theory)

Dr. Sheldon Cooper has a relatively high IQ, which ironically, does not give him the ability to manage his finances well. Imagine how he came up with the idea to keep his money elsewhere at home – not so brilliant! If you got extra cash laying around, invest it or deposit it so you acquire interests over time. After all, you’ll never know when someone’s spying on your assets and keeping your money at home only makes it easy for them to take it.

Use your credit card/s properly (How I Met Your Mother)

If you do not want to be in financial trouble, one thing you must learn is to handle your credit cards properly. Although adorable as she seems, Lily doesn’t know how to use her credit card responsibly as she always goes on shopping spree spending way too much. Unlike her, you cannot just put your credit card bills in a “Box of Shame”. If you can’t be financially responsible then might as well forget about getting a credit card.

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Tips in Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Weddings are one of the most important events in the lives of people around the world. It is in this moment when they become one with their significant other whom they desire to spend the rest of their lives with. A lot of couples desire to cherish the moments forever which is why they hire photographers who will take pictures of the most important day in their lives. But choosing a wedding photographer can be a little difficult to some who have no idea where to start. So it’s best to know how to choose the perfect wedding photographer who will capture the best moment of your life.


1. They should have a physical location.


Reputable wedding photographers have physical locations in which they can be found. It is important that they have a studio in which you can come over or contact them whenever you have problems or important arrangements regarding the wedding.


2. They should be focused on you.


Your wedding photographer should listen to you and get to know you better instead on keeping on talking about himself and his achievements. Getting to know you will help him in finding a way to give you the service you desire and how you want things to work out on your wedding day.


3. They should be knowledgeable and helpful.


They should be full of ideas on what to do on your wedding day. They should provide suggestions and recommendations, provide advice about setup and arrangements and help you make the planning easier for you.

4. They should have backup equipment and backup plans.


There are times when unwanted circumstances happen like the camera getting broken or having a bad weather. Your wedding photographer should have extra equipment ready in case of accidents and should have another plan set if ever things don’t go as you plan them to.


5. Make sure they are licensed as a business.


A lot of people own cameras and can say that they are photographers just because they can shoot pictures. It’s better to know they are legally in the photography business and backed up by a reputable insurance company to make sure your privacy is protected.


6. They should ask for payment at a reasonable price.


They shouldn’t ask you to pay a high price for something that isn’t of good quality. They should ensure that you get what you pay for and that your investment isn’t worth nothing. It’s your wedding day and it’s the best day of your life so you should have good quality memories about it.


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Guide in Buying an Antique Rug

Dealers, designers and collectors all over the world seek to find the greatest of rugs. Antique rugs are considered a form of art by many because of the form and style the exhibit. Compared to other antique furniture, antique rugs are stepped on and accidents somehow always happen resulting in tears and wears on the antique which is why they have no intrinsic value. However, the fact that they have no intrinsic value makes them cost less than new rugs. It can be a great investment if you know what you’re supposed to consider in buying them.


1. Budget


Whether it’s a new one or an antique, all rugs vary greatly in price. There are many reasons why prices differ from one rug to the other. One of this is the design market which gives value to the rug based on its patterns, color trends and looks. The design market varies in different places around the world because of culture and differences in trends in the countries. Another reason is the size of the area you will set the rug on. Rugs are paid per square unit of it. The age of the rug also determines its price. The most expensive antique rugs date back to the 18th century.

2. Look


No one just buys a rug for the sake of having a rug. When buying an antique rug, you’ll most definitely consider if the rug would fit in with the area you’re setting it in. However, it doesn’t stop at simply checking if it fits in but if it has been tampered with. There are rugs that have been fabricated by having them painted. There are also rugs that have undergone faux-aging to make them look like they’re antique.


3. Condition


The general and logical rule is that the better the condition of the antique rug, the higher is its value. Since antiques are known to be passed on for decades and even centuries, antique rugs needed restoration and repairs at some point in their existence. Checking for the condition of the rug can ensure you if it’s worth the investment or not. Rugs with frayed edges unravel quickly making them not worth the investment. There are also instances when the fibers are rotted so it’s best to try to feel the rug. If it feels like cardboard and will have a cracking sound, it means they are rotted.


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Why You Should Book at a Spa Resort Hotel

Booking a spa resort hotel is one of the best ways to get the perfect vacation or break you can have. Compared to other venues and lodgings where you can take your vacation in, spa resort hotels offer a number of services and activities that can provide you and your family with a fun and relaxing getaway. Most of the time, spa resorts offer a lot of pampering services that can help you feel rejuvenated.

A spa resort usually slows you to spend a number of days and nights while letting you enjoy a number of spa treatments and other types of spas while providing you with delicacies that are worth your payment.

Moreover, spa resorts allow you to access other amenities with additional fees but there are packages which they offer that will allow you to enjoy a number of services which you do not need to pay separately and will surely be affordable and worth your money.

A lot of spa resorts have health and fitness spas in their facility. These type of spas offer good health practices and physical activities which can help you in living a healthy lifestyle and in improving not only your physical health, but also your mental and general health. There are also those which offer medical spas in their vicinity that perform cosmetic and medical procedures which allow you to recover while in your vacation.

Spa resorts are great for families since they offer a number of facilities which can accommodate the different hobbies of each individual.

They also have facilities and activities which are child-friendly which makes it wonderful for those families who want to bring their kids along on their vacation. Moreover, it is best for those who are going on a business meeting or traveling due to business since they provide good massages and will help them get some rest and relax while on their meeting.

When booking for a spa resort package, it is best to book one which includes most of the newer establishments since the old facilities are usually smaller and do not usually offer newer and more extravagant amenities that newer spa resorts offer.

Moreover, it is best to check on the internet regarding the services and facilities of the spa resort. This is because some lodging venues claim they have onsite spas but end up being just a small room for massage and makeovers.

Meanwhile, you can check out a ft lauderdale day spa and find out about the services you can avail.

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How to Plan Your Estate

Estate planning is the process of managing the distribution of assets to the beneficiaries when someone dies. The goal is that all your financial wishes will be fulfilled and your assets will be distributed accordingly and not be determined by the court after your death. You plan your estate through legal methods like trusts, wills, estate planning attorneys and many more. These are needed to make sure that your wife, children and other family members will each have a part of your estate after you die.

Benefits of Estate Planning

One of the biggest benefits is the reduction of estate taxes. Once your assets such as stocks or interests are distributed to the members of your family, the property value of your estate will decrease thus reducing the taxes on your estate.

Having an estate planning attorney along with your estate plan will keep your family members from spending a big amount of money for taxes, litigation expenses and other unnecessary payments that may arise after your death. Discussing your estate plan with a lawyer can ensure you that there will not be any extra expenses that will affect those within your family.

Moreover, the biggest benefit of planning your estate is that you can be sure that your financial wishes will surely be fulfilled and your assets will not be put on probate. Once it goes on probate, the court will be the one to decide how your assets will be distributed to the members of your family.

Planning your Estate

You will need to arrange your documents. You will need all the names and addresses of the people you will include in your assets. You will also need bank accounts, pension and retirement plans, household inventory lists and many more. Providing as much information as possible will make it easier for them to sort out your documents.

Finding an Estate Planning Attorney

You will want to make sure that you wealth will be given to your family members according to what you want. You have to make sure that you find a great elder law attorney in michigan who can help you in planning your estate. They should be knowledgeable when it comes to the laws regarding estate planning and should give you suggestion and recommendations when it comes to planning your will.

Law firms who offer estate planning attorneys usually have their own webpage so it’s better to check the services they offer. There are also those who provide testimonials from their previous clients which can give you a view of how well they treat their clients and how they handle their cases.

If you are searching for an Estate Planning Attorney, you might want to visit https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-elder-care-firm.

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How Alkaline Water Benefits Your Immune System

The food we eat and the air we breathe will always remain polluted by chemicals and pollutants which we do not see. This creates a lot of acidic wastes in our body that affects some parts of our systems in the long run. Even the regular water is contaminated with pollutants and chemicals. Drinking alkaline water can benefit your health and your immune system.

Regular water has a pH level of 7 while alkaline water has a pH level from 7.2 to 9 which is safe for the body. If the body has excessive acid, the oxygen in the cells will lack causing an unhealthy body. Moreover, the extra amounts of acid weaken the immune system which protects the body from various diseases.

Alkaline water is prepared through ionization process.

This involves letting adding or subtracting an electron to the compound producing either acidic or alkaline water. Acidic water has its own benefits but is not recommended for drinking because it will only increase the acidic level on the body. Such a type of water is only use for external purposes like skin care.

Alkaline water gets to keep its minerals and antioxidants which can greatly help in the body’s health.

Alkaline water makes the passage of water to the cells easier compared to how regular water passes through them. Antioxidants are needed to improve your health. Water with a higher antioxidant level is more beneficial to the body.

Drinking alkaline water can help in neutralizing the acid wastes in your body and flushing out the remaining wastes out of your system. When your body is cleared of acidic wastes, it would be able to function better. And since acidic wastes great affect the immune system, losing the acidic wastes can help your body to fight off diseases.

The body naturally undergoes the aging process which affects the production of acids in the stomach. These acids produce bicarbonates in your blood stream which makes it harder to neutralize the acids in your body. Drinking alkaline water can help in neutralizing the acids in your stomach which in turn benefits your immune system better than how regular water does.

Furthermore, alkaline water helps your body in fighting the aging process and numerous diseases.

The more alkaline water your body absorbs, the more acid wastes it can remove from it thus making you even healthier.

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