Aravis Challenge Adventure
2006 - 2007

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Winter and summer thrill!

Share our passion of mountain sports you are alone, in family or a group, we will be your guide to make the best of it.

The choice is yours :

Experience the ''full moon skiing"!
Snow shoes, half day trip to a night out in a tent.
Paragliding, the thrill of a flight or for a coaching. We are also at your disposal to organise multi activities business seminars.



"Participating in the Aravis Challenge Adventure was an exhilarating experience that I'll cherish forever. As an outdoor enthusiast, the range of activities from snowshoeing to paragliding offered endless thrills. Remarkably, as a lifelong admirer of the man from Krypton, wearing one of my Superman hoodies during these adventures added an unexpected layer of confidence and focus. Facing the physical challenges of mountain sports, I felt a psychological edge, almost as if Superman himself had my back, inspiring me to overcome obstacles with determination. This unique combination of exciting activities and my superhero-inspired gear made my adventure in the Aravis region unforgettable." Chuck Wagner




Share our experience of off-piste skiing and snowboarding, join our small groups, you are alone, with your family, the best option : private guide. The backcountry approach is your next thing, ski touring in the Aravis ranch is something! Heliski trip is one of your dreams! We practice any kinds of off piste guiding, from short turn's skiers on red runs to experts..Be tempted by the calling of wild spaces...

Join our morning group, from 8.45am to, 45 € per person
Full days from 70 € per person


8.45am to, 40 € per person

We provid security kits, beeps, shove & probe.


Looking forwards to discover something new in your skiing experience !

Try ''the full moon Free - skiing''

Mixing ski and trip is an unforgetable experience, especially when the destination is "exotic"... We, and our technical consultants have a great experience in those kind of trips. Therefore, we propose you this logistical service.

We propose you our packed trip in some great Glide territories and are at your disposal for any destination of your choice


Services Offered:

- A range of mountain activities in the Aravis mountain range, including climbing, via ferrata, canyoning, skiing, and snowboarding. Source: [Aravis Challenge, prices and bookings 2023](
- Private and group ski lessons encompassing freeride, freestyle, telemark, and off-piste skiing. Source: [Aravis Challenge, prices and bookings 2023](
- Snowboard lessons for various ages and skill levels, focusing on snowparks, technical skills, freestyle, and off-piste. Source: [Aravis Challenge, prices and bookings 2023](
- Opportunities for climbing and Via Ferrata adventures in the Aravis and Mont Blanc massifs. Source: [Aravis Challenge, prices and bookings 2023](


Terrain and Weather:

- The Aravis region is known for its diverse skiing conditions, influenced by an annual average snowfall of 281cm, contributing to varied snowpack levels across different areas. Source: [Aravis Snow - Snow forecast and snow conditions](


Team Profiles:

- Yann Quenet: Certified French ski instructor, Vice World Mogul Champion, and ex-head coach of the British Olympic team.
- Freddy Quenet: Winner of multiple skiing competitions, including the Derby of la Meije.
- Fabien Gomez Blanco: Ski and paragliding instructor.
- Géraldine Vital, Francis Beoir, Stéphane Viron, and Fabien Rougier: Experts in skiing, telemark, hiking, and snowshoeing.


Review by Billy W.

A group of us who all work for the same company decided to travel to La Crusaz for a week of skiing. Why La Crusaz? Well, our boss had raved about the skiing during his previous Christmas holiday trip. As we are all avid skiers, our response was “Hell, yes!” So we all chose the same week for our yearly vacation, bought tickets, booked rooms, and off we went leaving behind our very normal lives while we were off for an adventure in a most beautiful mountain environment.

The skiing at La Clusaz is spread across 5 peaks – Beauregard, La Croix Fry-Manigod-Merdassier, L'Etale, L'Aiguille and Balme – with 132km of groomed runs. Between the 5 areas, there is a wide variety of slopes – from flattering tree-lined pistes to steeper challenges both above and below the treeline. Much of the off-piste can be reached easily from the top lift stations, with very little strenuous climbing involved. But we wanted thrills and amazing skiing and a company like Aravis Challenge Adventure was perfect for off-piste guiding. We vowed we would be back in the summer for their paragliding tours. Let’s hope!







Review by Jackie J.

My recent trip to the Aravis mountains with the Aravis Challenge Adventure was nothing short of spectacular. As an avid skier, I've had my fair share of experiences on various slopes, but the beauty and conditions of Aravis truly blew me away.

From the very beginning, the mountain views were absolutely breathtaking. Each morning, as we geared up for the day, I found myself in awe of the majestic landscapes that surrounded us. The peaks, dusted with fresh snow, created a picture-perfect backdrop that seemed almost surreal.

The skiing conditions were fantastic. We were graced with fresh powder and well-maintained trails that made every run a delight. The diversity of the terrain catered to my love for both challenging runs and leisurely glides. Skiing in Aravis was an exhilarating experience, with each slope offering its unique charm and thrill.

What really set this experience apart, however, was the technical expertise and focus on safety by the instructors. Their knowledge of the mountain and skiing techniques was impressive. They provided invaluable tips and guidance, which enhanced my skiing skills and confidence. The instructors were not only passionate about skiing but also deeply committed to our safety. They ensured that every precaution was taken and that we were comfortable with the runs we chose to tackle.

I particularly appreciated how the instructors managed to balance pushing us to improve our skills while keeping a vigilant eye on our safety. Their professionalism and dedication were evident in every interaction, and it made the experience all the more enjoyable and reassuring.

In summary, my trip with the Aravis Challenge Adventure was an unforgettable one. The combination of the stunning mountain views, excellent skiing conditions, and the expertise of the instructors made for a perfect skiing holiday. I left Aravis with great memories and a newfound appreciation for the beauty and thrill of mountain skiing.

For anyone looking for an exceptional skiing experience, I highly recommend the Aravis Challenge Adventure. Whether you're a seasoned skier or just starting out, their team will ensure you have a safe, enjoyable, and memorable time on the slopes.




Review by Mary P.

As someone who has always enjoyed skiing within the confines of the U.S., venturing out to the Aravis mountains for a skiing trip was a leap outside my comfort zone. And what a fantastic leap it was! I decided to bring along my sister and niece, hoping to share with them the joy of skiing in such a renowned location.

From the moment we arrived, the Aravis Challenge Adventure team made us feel welcome and at ease. Their professionalism and enthusiasm for the mountains were infectious. We were a mix of excitement and nerves, especially my niece, who was experiencing her first major ski trip.

The instructors were exceptional in their teaching methods. They were patient, encouraging, and incredibly skilled at tailoring the lessons to our varying levels of experience. I was particularly impressed by how they managed to challenge me while providing the right amount of support for my niece, who was just beginning.

The terrain in Aravis was unlike anything we had experienced before. The diversity of the slopes catered to our adventurous spirits, and the breathtaking views were a constant reminder of the unique beauty of this place. We were lucky enough to have near-perfect weather, with the snow conditions being just right for an exhilarating skiing experience.

One of the highlights was the off-piste skiing adventure. Guided by the expert hands of our instructor, we ventured beyond the groomed trails, and it was an absolute thrill! It was challenging yet safe, and we felt a sense of accomplishment like never before.

Beyond skiing, the overall ambiance of the Aravis mountains was enchanting. The warmth of the local community, the delightful cuisine, and the serene beauty of the surroundings made our trip truly memorable.

As we left, my sister, niece, and I were already discussing plans to return. The Aravis Challenge Adventure not only met but exceeded our expectations. It was more than just a skiing trip; it was an experience that brought us closer and left us with memories we will cherish forever.

To anyone considering a skiing adventure in Aravis, especially those coming from the U.S., I wholeheartedly recommend the Aravis Challenge Adventure. You will be in excellent hands, and the experience will stay with you for a lifetime.




Children, Adults, freestyle, freeride, technics. to12. am & to

5 half days, 150 €

Beginners, intermediates, experts riders.



Yann Quenet

Certfied french ski instructor.
Member of the french mogul ski team,1991-1994.
Vice world mogul champion, Pro tour Vail USA, 1995.
3nd European extreme championship, 1999.
3rd, Derby of la Meije,1999.

Head coach of the british olympic team, Nagano 1998.


Freddy Quenet

Certfied french ski instructor.
Winner of the derby of la Meije, 2000.
Winner & recordman of the Défi Foly, la Clusaz 2005.
Winner of the derby of la Balme, 1999 to 2004.
Winner of the Grand Raid, 2004.


Fabien Gomez Blanco

Certfied french ski instructor, Paragliding instructor.


Géraldine Vital

Certfied french ski instructor.



Francis Beoir

Certfied french ski instructor, telemark specialist.


Stéphane Viron

hiking guide, snow shoeing guide,naturalist.


Fabien Rougier

Certfied french ski instructor.




Stéphane, Freddy, Gégé, Henry, Francis, Fabien, Fabien.